Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Great Giveaway

Just found a new giveaway! For a Smartipants diaper!!! and there will be THREE winners!

Go check it out, and incase you are looking for more giveaways check out my blog post below this!

Check it out:

Cross your fingers for me ;)

Blog Giveaways!!

The last couple of months I have been entering giveaways like a mad woman! I had no idea all of these great giveaways existed, and I'm not even sure how I found about the first one. Of course the first one led me to finding others, and I'm finding new ones each day! So far I have won a few things, that I'm so thrilled about! I'm still waiting for a few to come in the mail! These giveaways mostly consist of baby items or eco-friendly products. Which I love, I am all about my baby! She is the most amazing thing ever!

So I'm going to list a few blogs that have regular giveaways: : check out her giveaway right now for a beanie and bib made in Sweden!! : check out her giveaway right now for a diaper clutch and drool bib! SUPER CUTE!! : check out her giveaway right now for some Animasoap : this place also lists a bunch of cloth diaper related giveaways : every friday

I could go on forever, sure enough these blogs will lead you in a bunch of other directions for great giveaways.
Another way to find awesome giveaways is through Facebook, become a fan of your favourite company or retailer, and often they will post giveaways that other bloggers are doing of their products! The giveaways only take up a few minutes each if you do all the bonus entries. And if you win its completely free! What a great way to be able to try new products! Dont forget to check out whether you are eligible for the giveaway or not. Most are country specific so make sure you check it out before entering!

If you have a baby or toddler, these giveaways are for you!