Friday, April 9, 2010

This Blog is dedicated to my daughter Sophia.

Speaking of the little angel, she is sleeping soundly in her crib!
I am watching tv, and listening to the white noise of the baby monitor. Rob is out at a gun course, his new interest and birthday gift.

Sophie had her 4 month shots the other day, she did a lot better than her 2 month shots, easier to distract, and of course this time there were only 2 shots, whereas there were 3 the first time, but 1 needed to be re-done, so the poor thing had 4 pricks and needed to be nursed to calm down. This time just a few smiles and a couple bounces and she was back to her happy, smiling, bubbly self!

I can't get over the love I have for this little girl, she is the most beautiful thing on this planet! She is such happy baby, of course she has her moments when she is obviously not so happy, but thats to be expected!

I'm not a very good blogger, am I? I'm all over the place.
Well thats all for now.

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