Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baggino Learner's Bibs on Hippo Bargains

I just want to let you all know that Hippo Bargains has the BEST bibs ever on their site for HALF OFF!

Baggino Learner's Bibs how I love thee!

I bought 2 of these bibs a couple months ago because all the regular bibs weren't cutting it. I wanted to let my daughter feed herself but I just felt it was a huge hassle because I would either have to strip her down before putting her in her chair or after the meal when her clothes would be covered in lunch. So I saw these bibs on Hippo Bargains and decided to try them out, I got them just before my trip to see my parents and was so excited to use them. As soon as we got there we sat Sweet Thing in her chair and gave her a bowl of yogurt, and boy oh boy was she happy! She went to town on that yogurt and I don't think half of it even went near her mouth. I took that bib off and my baby was CLEAN!! Not a spot on her clothes! I was ecstatic! Amazing what us mommy's can get excited about right? First diapers, now bibs. We're a crazy bunch!
She has been eating all her meals herself since then and she is also an awesome eater now, she is great with a spoon and barely makes much of a mess on herself anymore. I contribute that to letting her do it on her own. It's also the lazy mom way, and I am definitely a lazy mom!

I also love the Velcro neck closure, it is VERY strong so the little one can't take it off themselves.

So I just have to say if you are in the market for a clean, happy, self-fed baby, I HIGHLY recommend Baggino Learner's Bibs. For about $8 per bib (that is factoring in the shipping charges) from Hippo Bargains today. I think they are definitely worth it. I just got 6 more bibs and I have 2 already!

I did not get any compensation for this post, this is a sincere "I love this product" post written by me!

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