Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did She Hit An Ice Berg?

It's like the Titanic over here!

Sweet Thing's diapers are leaking everywhere. I can't seem to get them to stop leaking. I'm sure they are not repelling. I think it is the fit. I've tried adjusting them and it hasn't helped much. I use primarily Fuzzibunz and Charlie Banana. I have a few other brands that are doing alright and not leaking as much. So I need your help! Anyone who is familiar with these brands could you please give me some pointers!

3 lovely comments:

Lynette said...

Good luck - glad my guys are out of diapers!

Mama Ash said...

What can I do to help?
I use Charlie Banana, I've never had a leak. I think it is soap build up. What do you use? RNG?
Do you use a wet pail or a dry pail?

Shifty said...

Hi, some of mine are repelling but I am 90% sure it is buildup cause of how soft the water is, it's easy to check. 1. are the inserts wet 2. just chuck the diapers in the laundry with no detergent and see if suds agitate up. My daughters just started leaking to at her waist of all places, during nap. So I tighten the diaper for nap, which makes marks on her thighs but at least she is dry!