Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow Day

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

Campbell River's winters don't usually get much snow, or so I've been told. 2 out of the 3 winters I have been here have been much snowier than I thought they would be. Apparently it is quite uncharacteristic of this time of year. Today is no exception. It is snowing like powdered sugar on a donut... ?
So anyway, we went out to play twice.

First time, it was just me, Sweet Thing and the dog.

Then Daddy came home!

 And all she wanted was to be in his arms.
Ellie LOVES the snow!
 Nice Family shot.
 Sweet Pup Ellie
 And this is what happens when the baby comes to me after being with Daddy. Yep, every time. What a Daddy's Girl
I grew up in Vanderhoof where the snow was bountiful for about 1/3 of the year. Campbell River on the other hand, when there is snow, it only lasts maybe a few weeks at most. Now, I don't love snow, I don't hate it either, but I appreciate it much much more when it's few and far between. It's beautiful and puts me in a festive mood, once that mood fades and the snow is still here, you'll probably hear me complain a little bit( not so much in CR but in Vanderhoof, yea, maybe)
Don't get me started on the temperature though. Coming from a possibility of -40(Celsius) where I grew up to a possibility of -20 on a rare occasion, I have to laugh when people complain about that -11 that it MIGHT get to over night. Granted, I know what -40 feels like and most people here don't, I still feel that you should think about it before complaining, that it's really not that bad.

Either way, we had a fun snow day, and I can't wait 'til Sweet Thing really enjoys playing in the snow and we can make Sweet Snow Angels together.

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