Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 Years Ago Today - We Miss You

Three years ago today my Grampa passed away.
I sure do miss him.
I feel regret and sadness in not seeing him one last time before he passed. He was in the hospital in the town I grew up in, where all my family lives. I lived an hour away with my boyfriend(now Sweet Husband). We were planning on going to visit him this day three years ago, instead inside of me was saying 'no, you don't want to see him like this' the other part knew I needed to see him. So we decided we would go tomorrow. Later that day while cooking tomato soup for lunch my own dad called me to tell me the news that grampa passed away. This plays so vividly in my mind. I was heart broken and I burnt the soup on top of it all. We went to be with my family that evening. I will always remember that day. Not by the number on the calendar, just the events. Today isn't normally the day I would like to remember him, it's too sad. In fact, if it weren't for Facebook, I would not have known today was that day. I like to remember him on his birthday, and any other day I need patience.
My grampa was quiet and patient. When he talked, he was funny and wise. He was such an amazing guy and I have some wonderful memories of him from my childhood. Visiting my grandparents every summer in Saskatoon, I remember specifically talking about toe jam at one point. Him driving me to my very first day at my very first job and I was so nervous, he assured me it would all be fine. It was.
Love you Grampa, miss you every day.

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RavenWood said...

Great post, and sentiment to match my own. While I'm sometimes just as prone to doing so, I'm not sure why people dwell so much on the day of a great loss rather than on all the wonderful days that occurred leading up to it instead. I much prefer to remember my loved ones before their deaths. I tend to forget anniversaries of this sort because I'd rather remember the good things instead of the sad ones. This way I remember fondly and often.

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing with us Sarah. It's been two years on Sunday since my Grandpa passed away in V'Hoof. I know how you feel...