Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

It's that time of year again! As soon as all the Halloween candy has been passed around, Christmas music starts playing and lights are put up before the cold hits. OK, so I'm a bit late to be talking about Halloween, but you know it, we've all been hearing Christmas music everywhere you go since Halloween ended. All the stores were getting their Christmas spirit on, stocking shelves with ornaments and wreaths, stockings and lights. I love Christmas, and as soon as I see all that stuff in the stores I am ready to decorate my own house.

Last year we decorated extra early because we knew we weren't going to want to do it after we had Sweet Thing, but this year we waited until her birthday was over. Now I am feeling that jolly spirit of the holidays, I have my satellite TV on the Christmas music channel and we've got the tree decorated from 3 feet and up. That's right, baby proof tree. I'm now babysitting another 1 year old on the weekdays and I've definitely had to baby proof to the max, so that means no shiny, glittery ornaments at eye level just waiting to chucked across the room or eaten. Oddly enough the tree doesn't look that bad. I've contemplated taking the bottom three layers of branches off. That way its baby proof AND we can fit more presents underneath! Score! And, yes, that means we have a fake tree, although I suppose you can do that with a real one too.

This will be Sweet Thing's second Christmas, but it will be the first she is home for it. Last year we went to visit my parents in Vanderhoof. This year the Air Canada Gods did not want to co-operate with me, so we are going on the 31st instead. Although I am sad we can't spend Christmas with my family, I am really looking forward to starting our own traditions this year, and I will also be cooking Christmas Dinner(minus the stuffing).

So tell me, what are some of the traditions you love or have started with your own family?
And, if you are far from family, how do you cope during the holidays knowing you can't be with them?

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Kate said...

Hi Sarah,

My family is 600 miles away, but my parents generally come spend Christmas with us. It helps that my bday is 12/24!

Traditions? The Elf on the Shelf; reading the Christmas story from the Bible; standing rib roast for Christmas dinner -- yum!

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Kate (

College girl with a passion said...

I haven't spent Christmas with my family in years. I think the last time I woke up on Christmas morning with the whole crew was in 2006. ..And now that I think about it, that is beyond pathetic. I think what makes up for it though, is that I still get to see them either before or after Christmas.
Can't say we have developed any traditions. Although last year on Chistmas eve, we did go for sushi. I am sure we will develop more traditions once we have our own little family.
I cope by calling each one of them on Christmas morning and ask what they recieved. That way, we are together in a sense. Also, I make sure that I make the staples for our dinner. So again, it's like we are eating together :)

Hillbilly Frocks said...

Hello from the sticks Sarah, :)
We make Christmas about Jesus in our house. We always have candied yams since the fam originates in the south. And I am sure you know all about "Gramma's secret candy recipe"? :) And we enjoy Mamosas Christmas morning and the kids have sparkling apple juice mamosas. It is a beautiful time of year and would love to be with my family more, I remember all f us sleeping on the living room floor at Grammas Christmas Eve. Maybe one day Ill be in a big ole house and can have the whole family over for a jumbo sleepover! God only knows!
On a different note I just wanted to say good for you for thinking outside the box Sarah. Your young and bold and know what is good for your daughter. That's something you should be commended for!

Jenny said...

Love this blog! Beautiful kiddos!!

Found you on the blog hop! I'm your newest follower!

RavenWood said...

I think our family has some pretty nice traditions that we inherited from our parents and began ourselves. The very definition of tradition means 'the handing down of customs from generation to generation' so we try to uphold that when we can! A few of our favs:
- Clam chowder every Christmas Eve
- Our favourite stuffing for the turkey
- Every Christmas we buy a set of decorations, one for each family member, so the kids have 20+ decorations for their own trees when they move out on their own
... among the usual cookies/eggnog for santa, opening gifts after Santa comes, etc.
This year I had hoped to re-introduce another tradition that my parents and their parents before them had - suet pudding - but because of other circumstances I wasn't able to get to it. I certainly wish I could go back now and enjoy this Christmas dessert with my mom once again, especially since I was only fortunate enough to spend 1 Christmas with her in the 16 yrs before she passed away. Those traditions take on a much great importance when they are tied to loved ones and family!