Friday, January 21, 2011

One'a Baby Two'a Baby

One baby crying in the corner, one baby crying by the stairs, one me not sure what to do. This is a pretty rare scenario but one that still happens in my life these days. I am taking care of a friends daughter Monday through Friday, 8am-1pm. I have to tell you its been great! They are both around 14 months old, but so very different and so much the same. Sweet Thing is very independent, and mostly wants to do things on her own, she has huge ideas of what she wants to do with certain toys. C is quite easy going, this could be in part to the fact she is in someone else's home, but I'm pretty sure is usually this way. C is super sweet and girly, she loves to give kisses, and is so gentle(most of the time) with the pets. Sweet Thing is more bi-polar, super sweet, giving kisses and hugging her toys one second and freakin' out and throwing things the next. They are both extremely charming when they smile and they both love to show off their Bee-Bo's (aka. belly button if you are not familiar with the Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton).

We've just arrived at the point where the girls are getting along so well and my days are getting much easier. Of course each day has it's moment such as when they both want the same toy, or when Sweet Thing wants EVERY toy. I know there will be new challenges, but for now things are awesome. Now it's just a matter of getting off my butt to do some housework instead of watching the girls play all day long.

Anyone else out there caring for other's children during the day? Give me the details. What kind of activities do you do? How do you deal with not sharing? Jealousy from your own child?

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