Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Baby Fair

Yesterday my little family and I went to a baby fair!!

They had tons of booths set up, with anything and everything to do with babies. Cloth diapers, amber teething necklaces, scholarships, ultrasound, clothes of course.

I specifically remember the tutu's and all the cloth diapers. Speaking of cloth diapers, we bought our very first, actually three. Baby Kangas with Jamtots inserts. So my stash is made up of 4 diapers total, the 4th being a Smartipants I won on a blog giveaway!

We just finished a cloth diaper trial, and I have to say I really liked it, and if my husband allowed it, it would definitely be my new obsession. There are so many types and brands to choose from, and the colours are so vibrant and the prints are just so fun. I even love the wet bags, not to mention they are good for things other than putting dirty diapers in.

The only complaint I have with cloth diapers in general is the bulkiness, and how funny it looks when there are pants over those bulky diaper. I think I just need to invest in some Babylegs or any of the other brand of baby leg warmers.

Now I just need to figure out how to wash the diapers for the first time before I put them on the babe. I can't do a whole entire load with only 4 diapers in it, not to mention the washer probably wouldnt work properly anyway.

Off I go to read stories to the babe. And if the weather gets any better, go rollerblading.

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