Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Blog Design

So Love Stitched is doing a giveaway for a free blog makeover from Dumplin Design Studio.
Go check out her portfolio, she's done some cute stuff including the Love Stitched Blog.

I'm crossing my fingers I win, because as you can see, my blog is extremely sad. Not to mention I only have 1 follower....and that's myself. Oy!

It's ok, I just started blogging.

Anyway go check out the giveaway! And cross your fingers for me!

3 lovely comments:

Jenn said...

Make that two now :) Check out They started as a DIY type blog but recently had a little girl... Tons of ideas and projects and giveaways!

Andrea said...

Congrats! You've won a Nifty Nappy Cloth Diaper and Woolie Wrap on Glimpse! (

I have no email or other way to contact you besides leaving a comment on your please email me at andrea dot glimpse at gmail dot com, and I'll let you know what details I need from you. You'll have 72 hours to contact me before a new winner is chosen.


Andrea said...

I got your comment on our post where you are announced as the I mentioned in my previous comment, please email me at

andrea dot glimpse at gmail dot com

And I'll let you know what info. I need from you. Thanks!