Saturday, June 26, 2010

"More" "Milk" "All Done"

We just borrowed a book from the library about Baby Sign Language(BSL). The book outlines how to start BSL for any age baby. It gives you cartoon illustrations for each sign to make it super easy to figure out. They also say that a baby that signs will have an IQ of an average of 12 points higher than non-signing children (not that it at all matters).

For me it's about communicating, and also just adding another element of interest and fun into our day. I struggle quite often with finding things to occupy our day. Which really sucks because my daughter gets bored super fast.

So we are going to start off with some basics, adding them into everyday things, like making the sign for 'milk' when its time too nurse. Signing 'more' when she is done eating her last cheerio, and 'all done' when she's had enough. Also some others like 'changing' when its diaper change time, or 'dog' when Ellie comes near. I think it's going to be fun, especially when it clicks and she starts signing back.

This is the first book I found on the subjec when I went to the library, and I know there are many more, but this one seems to be doing the trick. Check them out here.

Anyone have any experience with BSL? Have any tips or tricks? I would love to hear them, Leave me a comment.

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redethel said...

Hi - following back from Monday! I used sign language with all 3 of my children. It is fabulous. They skip the terrible 2's all together. I used a program called "Signing Smart" you can look at their web site and many of their items are also available from Amazon. I also liked the video line "Signing Time" Either way, just choose no more than 10 signs to work with first. Choose things that seem to catch her interest (like fan, doggie, etc.) and then some other words (like momma, daddie, milk,etc) depending on her it may take 3 weeks to 5 mos. of constant signing those 10 words for her to sign back. Don't add any new signs though until she signs at least one word.
Have fun with it. My oldest, brain child, was signing over 200 words by 12 mos.