Monday, July 5, 2010

The Beginnings of a Diaper Addiction

I became interested in cloth diapers about 3 or 4 months ago. I did tons of research on all the different kinds, priced everything out, and tried to convince Sweet Husband that cloth was the way to go, he was not keen on the idea in the least bit (and still isn't). I finally got to try cloth about 2 months ago with a trial kit from Huckleberry Baby Shop. Although I was very grateful to be able to try a bunch of different kinds, I still felt there was more.

Fast forward to now, and I have several different types of diapers coming in the mail, most of which I have won, from other blogs and through Facebook. But I'm still looking for more. I want to explore the world of fitteds and wool covers, I want to learn to fold the perfect prefold and learn to use a Snappi properly. I want to find an ultra trim diaper to look slick under pants. I want to try out some All-in-two's and hybrid diapers. I want to find the ultimate night-time solution so we can avoid chemical filled disposables all together. There is also the aspect of the perfect detergent, and the best wetbags. I haven't even begun to explore the wonders of the diaper sprayer. Don't forget cloth wipes, if you're gonna use reuseable diapers you might as well go for the whole she-bang and try out the reuseable wipes too. I could litterally go on forever, but mostly I want to find the perfect fit for Sweet thing, find the perfect routine, and take millions of cute pictures of that fluffy butt!

I love cloth, and I feel an addiction growing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tenenda, found you through Admirer Monday. We don't have any sweet things of our own yet, however we are trying! I'm all for the cloth nappy, but the Boy isn't keen... so keep us posted on how you go with it all, and maybe I'll be able to talk him round :)

Christina said...

thanks for following back:)