Friday, July 9, 2010

Tell me about yourself!

Hey Followers!!

I want to get to know you! If you would be so kind as to leave me a comment telling me a little bit about yourselves and what you like to see in a blog. I am thinking about doing a Review and Giveaway to celebrate my fans and to thankyou for supporting me! I would love to get some ideas as to what may interest you. What kind of group of people do we have? Mommy's? Mommy's to be? Independant Women? Americans? Canadians? Who are you? I would love to learn more about you! And hopefully you will stick around and get to know me and my Sweet Family!

Thankyou so much, I look forward to getting to know you!

8 lovely comments:

frenchieliza said...

Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I have a son who will be 2 on August 3rd. I'm an American who considers herself to be very French =) (I lived in France for several years). I write The Foodie Mommie ( I love knitting, reading, cooking (of course), going on bike rides, and being outdoors. I am from Seattle but a year and a half ago was cruelly ripped away from my beloved city to move to the Midwest. You have a very cute blog!

This Mom said...

Hi there! I'm a fellow Canadian and I just found you through a Blog Hop - I'm now your newest follower!

Your daughter certainly is a sweet thing! Annoying as it is, listen to everyone who tells you that they grow up too fast! (Mine are 4 and 2.)

Your layout is really nice. I'll be back to catch up a bit!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

Meghan Cooper said...

Hey! I'm Meghan mother to a 2 year old JaMonkey I live in North Atlanta. I was a Working Moms but now I'm going back to being a SAHM again and I'm super excited!

I have a few family Blog
I also have
and a Local Events site called Atlanta Moms on the Move

pleasure meeting you!

Carol said...

Following you from Fancy Meeting You!
Will you follow me?

lanni @ said...

hi from a fellow canadian! love your blog and am following you from the bloghop -- would love for you to follow back at your daughter is cute :)

One 2 Try said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for linking up on Fancy Meeting You!

Alicia said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I think our daughters are about the same age. Zoey is 9 months today (ahhhh!!!!). I wanted to do cloth diapers, but could never find the right information where I lived. Maybe for my next...

Anonymous said...

I am a SAHM mom of 3 (7 ds, 4dd, 1dd). I live in Wisconsin. I am starting school {again} in the fall for nursing. I enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, and reading. I have co-slept with all of my babies and breastfed them all. currently working on getting the 1 yo outta my bed! I enjoy playing with my kids all the time, although I get frustrated. I love reading blogs and am trying to get better at posting on mine. I am excited to get to know you better too!