Thursday, July 8, 2010

HOT HOT HOT! And some random stuff.

About 38 Celsius here today! As if that's not bad enough I had my Strollers and Strength class today, where I had to walk 30 minutes there and back, and we had a potluck lunch in the park afterwards! So 2 hours of workout and an hour of lunch later, I am beat but not too burnt! :)

On my walk back home after my class, I called Sweet Husband just to say "Hi" and he informed me that his mother's Jack Russel Terrier Sammy is at the vet getting surgery on his wee wee!!! Why?? Some sort of blockage, preventing him from peeing. Apparantly he fainted in the yard this morning and they took him straight to the vet. Poor fella! Although I honestly hate that dog, I don't wish that kind of pain on anything.
Quite honestly he doesnt get any excercise, so he is rambunctious like nobody's business. It's not his fault though. If he had a few puppy manners classes and a few daily walks, I'm sure he would be a pretty great little companion. The MIL is not that kind of person though, apparantly she needed more of a lap dog who doesn't care about excercise.

Sweet Husband is asleep on the couch and he left the TV on Seinfeld....

What should I do? It's too hot to go to sleep. It's too hot to eat. It's too hot to do anything. How about an ice cube bath? Now there's an idea!!

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