Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy (late) Canada Day!

I love my Country!
But I don't love going out late with Sweet Thing.
We stayed home with Sweet Husband and watched movies instead.
We still saw (part) of the fireworks from our house.
And that was just enough for me.
I'm not the biggest fan of big crowds, and people running into eachother.
I'm not a big fan of drunk people stumbling around me.
I'm not a fan of second-hand smoke for me, and most of all my daughter.
I AM a fan of fireworks, but not the noise and smell it creates.

Staying home and living where I live, I got the best experience of the night! YAY!

Happy Birthday Canada!

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blueviolet said...

Happy Monday! I'm following you from Admirer Monday!

blueviolet said...

I already was, but I still wanted to say hi. :)

Christina said...

Hi following you from admirer monday. Do follow back if you can...cute blog!!