Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Butt Change

Okay so My New Life as...Mom, The Cheap and Choosy, and Trees Will Bend have gotten together for a link-up opportunity for moms who cloth diaper to see others routines of changing their little ones bums!

Now I am fairly new to cloth and don't have all the things I need at the moment (pail liner, diaper sprayer, etc), so my "routine" is not so much a routine, but working with what I've got.
Here is how a diaper change in my house looks:

First, depending on where we are in the house and where our diapers and 10 x 11 wet bag is, we either tromp up the stairs to Sweet Things room, or we use the change table on the playpen if everything is there.

We pick out the next diaper, sometimes I let Sweet Thing choose, she is very undecided, so I usually only give her 2 choices.

Then the old diaper comes off and I use about a million disposable wipes if she's had a poop (hoping to use cloth wipes ASAP). Set diaper aside.
Put new diaper on, which can take a while because I litterally have the squirmiest baby EVER!

Set Sweet Thing down to play. Take the soiled diaper, shake off any solids into the toilet, scrape with toilet paper the not so solid solids and usually forget to flush, pull out insert, and stuff it into the wee wet bag.

How I'm hoping my routine changes:
I'm waiting for a hanging Planet Wise wet bag, which should hold all my diapers without any squeezing! I'll have that hanging in Sweet Thing's room! I'm getting some fleece liners to make the solids business a little easier. And hopeully have everything in one spot! One designated area to do everything would be FAB!!

One day I'll give you an update of my routine. Hopefully it will change, and be easy peasy!
Until then, Here's to un-organized running around like a chicken with it's head cut off diaper changes!

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Amy Walker said...

Thanks for linking up! It's so fun to hear others' thoughts on this. I'm following you back! :)Amy @ www.thecheapandchoosy.blogspot.com

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Thanks for linking up! Stop by and check out my system as well! I am a new follower! I have cloth diaper giveaways and wool too!


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Hi! Following you from the Cloth Diapering System post link up! I invite you to follow back - nice to meet you! Look forward to reading your blog! :)

Mr Monkey said...

I'm a new follower of Weds Blog hop,
Thanks, Mr. Monkey


Mommy Is Green said...

I am just starting to cloth diaper. I'm still working on a routine too. Right now I think a pail liner would be great! LOL!