Friday, August 27, 2010

Emotional Find

I don't have a button for my blog. So I decided to go into Picnik where I already had an account, to make a button quickly. I haven't used Picnik all that much, but there were a few little projects in there.
I came across this one:

This was a 'postcard' I created to send into Post Secret

I looked at the date it was created....

Six days later...I found out I was pregnant!
It was very emotional for me to see this.

Two years might not sound like a long time to try for a baby, but for me it was heartbreaking every time I got my period. I think I have always been 'destined' if you will, to be a mom.

I love this little girl with all of my being!

3 lovely comments:

Momma Chantal said...

Awe. We conceived our twins with the help of a handful of doctors. We are currently trying to conceive #3 the old fashion way and with lots of prayer before heading back to science. I know exactly what you mean when saying you were meant to be a mother. That is exactly how I feel!

Laura said...

Aw, reading this just made my heart ache. So glad that you finally got that sweet little one! I always thought we would have trouble getting pregnant, we didn't, but I worry about next time.

Emily said...

I am so happy you were blessed with such a sweet little baby. I think 2 years sounds like an eternity! My heart hurts when I read about infertility.