Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Two Weeks

It is amazing how much you can appreciate something so much more when you dont have it.
Its almost been two weeks since I've seen Sweet Husband.
All of a sudden, when I talk to him on the phone I dont want to say goodbye, I could just talk to him forever, and I find him a lot funnier too!

I know I've got a great guy!
He's offered me a huge chunk of his bonus next year to "do whatever" I want with. Seriously? Your gonna let me blow a thousand bucks!?
He tells me he loves me and most of all shows me.
He is an AMAZING father. He just loves Sweet Thing to pieces!
He is genuine and I know he wouldn't do anything to hurt us. Besides he's worked too hard to get his life where it is now, to just throw it away on something worthless.

And to Mrs. Trophy Wife and all the other Military Mamas I couldnt imagine being in your shoes. You ladies are strong beyond belief! You do it because you have to, but honestly I think I would go a little crazy! Props to you!

Sweet Husband, I love you!

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