Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Show and Tell

So today I will tell you a bit about Sunday Show and Tell.
It is something I made up and it isnt quite ready I suppose.

Here is what I want it to be:
Every Sunday we post the button I've created for Sunday Show and Tell in a blog post a long with anything we would like (or we could have a theme each week) to write a quick blurb about and include a picture(show and tell). I also want it to become a blog hop. I know I'm not a fan of blog hops that you need to write a post for, especially if there is nothing to write about. So I thought this might be a little more fun, you can share something fun about your favourite piece of clothing or your pet peeves, anything you can think of, really.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you participate in writing a post and linking up?

Here is what it would look like for me:

Mama to a Sweet Thing

Today's Show and Tell is about our favourite book.
Write a post including the Show and Tell button and a picture and blurb of this week's subject.
Don't forget to link up.

My favourite silly children's book

Anything by Sandra Boynton
This is one of my personal favourites

I haven't had the chance to read them all but the ones I have are just so darn cute.
They are definitely books that adults can enjoy.
And anyone can learn from them... I mean she uses the word 'cavort'.


I'll try to post on Saturday night so you have a chance to post that night or Sunday morning.

OK. so what do you think? Too complicated? Too boring? Not interested? Could be better?

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Meaghan said...

hi new follower from sunday stroll. It can't hurt to try right - i think it is a cute idea. I would be willing to try co-hosting if you are interested. my blog is newer though so I don't have too many GFC, but I do have two blogs. Have a great day!

JIll said...

I think it is a cute idea. I would do it. I always am looking for an idea to blog about on the weekends. For some reason the weekends are hard for me.

chubskulit said...

This is definitely a fun meme to join. A new follower from Meet Me on Monday.

Living on Love and Cents said...

Thanks for linking up at Making Friends Monday! I already follow you. I hope you have a great week!

Design It Chic said...

I am already following your thanks to Making Friends Monday but i just thought i should stop by see how's everything! Plus, don't forget, if you need any help tweaking your blog or easy HTML tips, you know where to come!
Today we talk about another how to unclutter your blog tip, so come on by! Happy Monday!

Turning the Clock Back said...

Just stopping by from Meet Me Monday to check out your blog. Come follow me back for lots of ecofriendly giveaways and some coupons/freebies that might be useful!

Have a great week!


Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

HI I'm your newest follower from Making Friends Monday :)

Sandie lee

Sweet baby BTW :)

Ron Cooper said...

I’m already following your neat blog. I have a new Facebook friends page where I will begin post inspiring messages three times a week. Check it out below!


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JaelCustomDesigns said...

Following from Making Friends Monday!
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