Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oops! I bought diapers again!

I know I mentioned being a cloth diaper addict. But this week just proved it! I seriously went nuts! Sweet Husband and I had an agreement when I first decided to use cloth diapers, I was only going to buy one diaper a month.

Well that has NOT been the case at all! Let's see, how many did I buy in the last 3 days?.... 1....2.....3,4....5.
That's right 5 diapers...that is 5x the amount I should have... 500% more than I was supposed to.  3 of them were from daily deal sites, another was an item added onto an order that I had won, and another at the local farmers market in Vanderhoof.

Maybe I'm just an online shopping addict! 'Cause diapers are not the only thing I've bought. The only good thing is, I am getting stuff we need....ok Sweet Thing doesnt NEED an amber necklace right now, but she might! And if I'm in pain, I can just wrap it around my wrist right?
I did win something so I'd say that kind of makes it ok....right?
And besides I'm saving money in the long run by using cloth...
Ok....please tell me I'm justified.!

And you know, I go through these phases, one day I've got a bunch of money in the bank and BAM! it's all gone from shopping online! And then as I recieve all my packages in the mail, I'm one happy camper. And as soon as I've gotten the last item and there is more money in the bank, the cycle starts all over again.

Ok serioiusly... is there a Diaper Addicts Anonymous, or a Shopping Online Anonymous???
Either that or take away my paypal. That is the source of all online shopping evil!!


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