Thursday, September 9, 2010

Babies Bringing Mommies Together

I moved here 2 years ago with my then fiance, not knowing anyone. I didn't work for the first few months here, as I was getting our house settled with all of our stuff and starting to plan our wedding. And then we found out I was pregnant, I had awful morning all day sickness, so I stayed home trying to down my Sprite and Goldfish crackers. At the end of my pregnancy I tried to find a birthing class, but alas they were all full, they directed me to a lady who does private classes. As I searched her website I found that she did baby and mommy aerobics and yoga classes,  as well as a stroller fit class. I was so excited! I would get some exercise, and maybe find a friend! Well I found a friend!!

 Now we've been to a few different types of classes and I found more friends, and so has Sweet Thing!

I am so glad for the wonderful ladies I've met, we have a good time together and it's so great to have a support system and to be able to talk to others who are going through the same things as I am.

If it weren't for my baby, I wouldn't have met these awesome women!
Babies bringing Mommies together!!

3 lovely comments:

Emy said...

You're so right! If it weren't for my baby, I'd be friendless because we just moved here. Already I've made some mommy friends and we have play dates.

I'm following from Thirsty Tuesday Blog Hop.

Stephie C said...

I am your newest follower please follow back :)

I am 6 months pp and no real periods yet ;)but I am still bf'ing as well

JIll said...

This is so true. When I had O I was able to find a group of women. Now with Little B I am going to a support group for breastfeeding and still love it and meeting the women who are going through the same things. I believe this is so important.