Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to The End of Summer

What signifies the end of summer for you?

I have always felt that once school starts, summer is over. But I've been out of school for a few years now and my daughter isn't in school yet, so I feel like that shouldn't be the sign for me.

Technically summer isn't over until September 21st.

I guess the weather changing should be a good sign. Over Labour Day weekend it got really ugly out there. A big ugly rain storm... OK it wasn't really a storm, it just poured...like crazy. Ahh, leaves turning the most gorgeous reds, oranges and golds

What about all the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and costumes in the stores? That's a big indicator for me. It also gets me really excited for fall. I love getting all cozy inside while the leaves are falling, sipping on hot apple cider (OK, so I've only done this about twice, but I loved it, and I smelled some at the mall the other day, and I just really wanted to cuddle with Sweet Husband on the couch, ahhh!).
And YAY for Thanksgiving in October for the Canadians! I don't think my stomach could handle two turkey dinners so close together, it can hardly handle one, but I could probably eat a pumpkin pie every week! Yumm!

Yea, so I went to find a delicious picture of pumpkin pie, and amongst them all I found this and just had to post it!

What else tells me summer is over?
I'm not sweating my butt off doing nothing! No fans going, instead the heat is being turned on. Windows are closed. Eventually a gorgeous frost lays over everything, and snow starts to fall......WOAH THERE!! I am getting way ahead of myself here! I'll stick with the leaves falling and the frost for now, the changing of seasons just means my tiny little peanut baby is growing up. How about deciding Sweet Thing's first Halloween costume, any unique ideas?

What was your baby's first Halloween costume?

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