Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Show and Tell

Welcome to week 4 of Sunday Show and Tell.

Mama to a Sweet Thing

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This is a medium DreamEze AIO diaper in Vanilla.
It was an impulse buy!
I like it!
The significance of this diaper is that it was one of my first diaper purchases ever!
But now, it doesn't fit Sweet Thing well anymore :(
And now I have to make room for ones that will fit and not sit in the closet until the next baby.
So....any suggestions on what I should do with this diaper? Leave a comment with your idea!

3 lovely comments:

College girl with a passion said...

Keep it for the next baby!

JIll said...

You could always try to sell it if you don't want to keep it for the next baby.

Mommycrat said...

I'm keeping all the ones my little one grows out of for the next child. I haven't really thought beyond that - I suppose you could sell them too. I'm doing your linky for the first time. Joining a bit late - but it's when I have time to blog!