Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun Stuff

I'm so excited to tell you all about something I received in the mail yesterday!

30 Meals in One Day!

Huh? 30 meals in ONE day?? Wouldn't you be full? That's what Sweet Husband said.

Basically you cook up a bunch of meals in one day and freeze them! When you want to eat a meal, you thaw it and reheat!

I can't wait to try this out, unfortunately I have to wait 2.5 weeks to start...not that I am that sad about it because I will be in Mexico!

Keep an eye out for my review in about 3.5 weeks and one of my lucky readers will win a Dinner is Ready cookbook with computer software!

Check it out!

There will also be a review and giveaway posted ASAP when I get back from Mexico (I am not taking my laptop, a complete escape...It's going to be hard...I'm addicted to my computer)
This one is fun because I am reviewing it IN Mexico!!

Also, follow my Facebook page and help me get to 200 'likers' and we will have a giveaway! For more information click here.

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Jodi Faye said...

I have always wanted to try that, looking forward to reading more about it! Hope you have a great vacation ;)
Found you on Follow Me Back Tuesday!

Mama Hen said...

Sounds pretty neat! I look forward to hearing about how it goes. Your daughter is so cute!

Mama Hen

Mommy to Casey ♥ said...

Hi there!
I'm your newest follower, from Follow Me Back Tuesday :)

Stop by my blog if you'd like.. I have a couple of giveaways going on!


Nicole Bingham said...

Just stopping by from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Please follow me back @ www.romanianprincess.com

Thanks, Nicole Mariana

Marcie Chavez said...

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