Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am all OUT

of diaper detergent!!!
And I have a HUGE wet bag of dirty diapers!
And no cloth diaper store in town!
And no licence to drive to the next town to buy some. ( and I only have no licence because I have never gotten it, not because it was taken away :P )

What to do, what to do.
None of my friends use cloth...

In the 4 or so months I have been cloth diapering, I have not actually bought a whole bag of detergent. I have just been trying out some samples. It's worked out pretty well until now!

Any suggestions until I'm able to get to a store that carries what I need?

4 lovely comments:

JIll said...

Hey Sarah,
I don't have any suggestions, just a question. What detergent do you use? I am looking for a good one for my diapers.

Mama to a Sweet Thing said...

Hi Jill!
I have been using mostly Rockin' Green in Classic Rock. I really like it, and when/if stinkies show up, I rock a soak in the tub and it works great! We have an HE machine, so with every wash I add some extra water.
I was in desperate need of some detergent this morning. all the dipes were dirty and out of samples, but I was able to find Country Save at London Drugs which I have heard some other CD mamas use, so I will see how it works.

What do you usually use? How long have you been using cloth?

Anonymous said...

You can use Original Blue Dawn to wash Cloth Diapers! Alot of Mama's use this for their regular CD laundry and it is common to use it for stripping diapers as well. Google it for amounts, but I generally use about 1/2 TBS for a full load! Hope this helps!

Meaghan said...

i just won my 2nd cloth diaper. so i cant wait to get them but I am worried about the laundry aspect of it.

Are we linking up the hop this wkend?