Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dot-Tastic Bathroom

We fancied up Sweet Thing's bathroom this morning.
OK, it's not technically 'her' bathroom, it's the spare bathroom, for guests. But we never really have guests so we call it her bathroom.

We moved into a 2.5 bath home from a 1.5 bath home. So we only had one shower curtain...which I absolutely hated in the first place so we scrapped that and just bought one for our en suite. We never bothered with one for the spare bathroom until we found out my mom was coming to visit for 2 weeks.

At the time I was 2 or 3 months pregnant and had awful morning sickness. So Sweet Husband went and bought this awesome colourful polka dot shower curtain. I decided that that would be the 'theme' of the bathroom.
And there it sat like that until this morning. I have been wanting these polka dot wall stickers since I saw them a year and half ago.
Now the bathroom is all decked out!!

It is so fun and colourful and I love it!

Our wet/dry bag has polka dots too!!

Perfect for kids, and of course gender neutral, because I want a boy next!!

Even her diaper cover and her bath doll's undies are polka dots!!

I still have a few things I would like to do/get for the bathroom
I would love to get a brightly coloured, round bath mat. Brightly coloured towels. A soap pump and toothbrush holder. Also I need to repair the wall where our lovely cat loves to scratch all the time. Also need to figure out some more storage options, the only place for anything is under the sink.

So what do you think? Is it tacky that we decorated the bathroom so 'kiddish'?
I hate getting ready in the morning. Brushing my teeth..I dread. Showering, not so bad, but making my hair look nice, huge pet peeve. I want to make the bathroom a 'fun' place to be, so my kids wont mind being in there and getting ready. I want to make it a positive thing!

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Rachel said...

I'm following from This For That. I love your bathroom, it is so cute!

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Very cute bathroom, I love polka dots! Following from This for that! So glad to meet you.

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Found you from This for That! I liked your FB page and I follow you through GFC.
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