Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainbow Dolls

Good Ol' Facebook! Introducing people to things they've never seen before!
I am IN LOVE with these adorable Rainbow Dolls(etsy) !

Sweet Husband and I have been thinking of what we want to get Little Miss for her 1st Birthday, and we have unofficially decided on a baby doll. And wha'd'ya know, surfing Facebook, found the sweetest dolls, which I fell head over heels for.

These dolls are Waldorf inspired and are made of organic cotton and Eco-wool (Megan(Owner/Creator) defines that here) Which I don't see very often, if ever. It is a great way to ease your mind on your child's health, Sweet Thing loves putting things in her mouth, as do most babies, and I hate the idea of plastic and synthetic materials leeching their nastiness on my baby.

These are one of a kind dolls!
I dream of one for Sophia with fair skin, strawberry blonde hair with some bright colours mixed in, freckles and round blue eyes.

She even makes boy dolls!

They come in a variety of sizes up to 16 inches. They have the most precious outfits and you can even purchase extras, as well as fairy wings, and a mermaid outfit. She also makes wool "mommy" and baby headbands. These dolls take her up to 24 hours to make....and that is just ONE doll!

I wish with every ounce of me that I had the money to purchase one of these for Sweet Thing.
They are absolutely so unique, and would be the best keepsake when they grow out of playing with them. Which honestly if I had one of my own, it would still be sitting on my bed or on top of my dresser so I could admire it daily.

Take a look at her etsy shop and become a fan of her Facebook page here, Megan is doing a giveaway for a beautiful Rainbow Doll once she reaches 800 fans(likers)!

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Caren Drink said...

We have a rainbow Doll and she is FABULOUS. My daughter loves her, I love knowing how safe and clean she is for our home, and most of all she is FUN AND SWEET. We spend alot of time doing hair-dos and rose (my daughter) and Summer (the doll) love to "share" barretts and clippies! Worth every penny, so much better than filling my house up with a zillion plastic dolls!